Eight Famous Scenic Spots of Tongyeong

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Yeonhwado Yongmeori (Daragon Head)

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Yeonhwado Yongmeori (Daragon Head)
  • Recommending Season : All four seasons
  • Types of tour : Sightseeing
  • Tour Schedule : One day
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Yeonhwado lies 24 km south of Tongyeong port and is the first inhabited island among the islands in Tongyeong. “Yeonhwado” means a lotus blossom on the sea. In fact, the island has the appearance of a lotus bud creating the rich cubic effect instead of smoothness. It is also a famous historical site where the legends of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, Reverend Yeonhwa, Reverend Samyeong, and Reverend Jaun were found to be true. Surrounded with spectacular rock formations and breathtaking cliffs, this island has more than its share of legends including Seonangdang (Shilliam) where the Reverend disciplined three priestesses and Jeollaeseok (round stone) that was respected as Buddha by priests. The striking appearance of Yongmeori (Dragon Head) is unforgettable.