Eight Famous Scenic Spots of Tongyeong

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Saryangdo Oknewbong (Summit)

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Saryangdo Oknewbong (Summit)
  • Recommending Season : All four seasons
  • Types of tour : Sightseeing
  • Tour Schedule : One day
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When the fog rolls in from the sea, Sarangdo takes on a majestic appearance. The name, meaning “Wriggling snake,” comes from its serpentine shape when viewed from overhead. In fact, many snakes have inhabited this island. Saryangdo is 20 km away from Tongyeong by ship and is composed of three inhabited islets and eight uninhabited islets.

The Upper Islets (Sangdo) face the Lower Islets (Hado) on the quiet sea. Geumpyeonghyang on the Upper Islet is connected along the Mt. Jiri, Gamabong and Oknnewbong and can be climbed. Mt. Jiri here is different from one where partisans lived before and after the Korean war. It was once named “Jirimangsan” because the Mt. Jiri in Jeolla Province can be seen in clear weather. Even though lower than Saryangdo’s highest Mt. Bulmo by 1 meter, Mt. Jiri in Saryangdo has attracted many climbers thanks to its name; however, the climbing path along the ridge of Okneobong (216M) through Mt. Bulmo (399m) to Mt. Jiri is not an easy trail.

Climbing Okneobong commands a beautiful view of the sea. The climbing paths to Ambong and Goamreung (Royal Tomb) a little rough, but are well maintained and equipped with signs for easy navigation. Roundabout routes are recommended for beginners. Exploring Saryangdo is even more exciting because of the proximity of mountain and sea, rocky ridges, and military-style basic training course equipped with two 20-meter iron ladders, climbing ropes, and vertical rope ladders.