Eight Famous Scenic Spots of Tongyeong

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Nammangsan Park

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Nammangsan Park
  • Recommending Season : All four seasons
  • Types of tour : Sightseeing
  • Tour Schedule : One day
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Nammangsan Park (also called Chungmu Park) covers a wide area of the 80-meter high Mt. Nammang. Cherry and pine trees add to the area’s natural beauty.


The spectacular views of Hallyeosudo include the Turtle Lighthouse, Hansando, Haegapdo, and Jukdo to the southeast. In the summit of Mt. Jeonsunammang, where the technique for Lacquer Ware Inlaid With Mother of Pearl was cultivated, visitors can see the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin that was erected in June 1953. In the edge of the Park, don’t miss an opportunity to see Archery Center of Yeolmujeong where the government examination for military service was conducted twice a year.