Eight Famous Scenic Spots of Tongyeong

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Jeseungdang Sea

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Jeseungdang Sea
  • Recommending Season : All four seasons
  • Types of tour : Sightseeing
  • Tour Schedule : One day
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This holy place is a memorial to Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s achievements in the Battle of Hansan. This strategic site was the headquarters of Korea’s naval forces to rule the sea from the 26th year to 30th year of King Seongjo’s reign (1593-1597). In the 15th year of King Youngjo’s reign (1793), 142 years after General Won Gyun lost the Jeongyu War (The Second Japanese Invasion of Joseon) and Hansan camp was fired and destroyed, the 107th Governor Jogyeong erected a monument and placed a tablet of his own writing in a newly built house on the historic site of Unjudang.


After repeated expansion and renovations, the building was completed in 1975. Aside from its historic significance, this site’s vegetation and scenic views make it a must-see destination for nature lovers. Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s “Crane-Wing Tactic” used in the Battle of Hansan is interpreted in Korean, English, and Japanese at the entrance to Jeseungdang (the suffix “dang” means shrine).