Eight Famous Scenic Spots of Tongyeong

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Sunset on Dal-a Park

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Sunset on Dal-a Park
  • Recommending Season : All four seasons
  • Types of tour : Sightseeing
  • Tour Schedule : One day
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Located in the middle of the 23 Km long Sanyang Ring Road, Dal-a Park offers Korea’s best sunset. “Dal-a” was named after the geographical feature resembling to the back tooth of elephant and also means “ideal place to enjoy seeing the moon”. Tongyeong citizens also call it as “Dal-e.” The ring road, known as camellia road to natives, offers visitors spectacular views of Dadohae (Multi-island Sea).


A five-minute walk up a smooth trail from the parking lot in front of the park takes visitors to Gwanhaejeong and its commanding view of the South Sea and a dozens of islands from unnamed small rock islands, Dae & Sojangdo, Jaedo, Jeodo, Songdo, Hakrimdo, Gonrido, Yeondaedo, Manjido, Ogokdo, Chudo to the chains of Yokji Islands. This view is perpetuated by the paintings of Dadohae. Can you locate all the islands from this vantage point?