Eight Famous Scenic Spots of Tongyeong

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The Lighthouse Island from Somaemuldo

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The Lighthouse Island from Somaemuldo
  • Recommending Season : All four seasons
  • Types of tour : Sightseeing
  • Tour Schedule : One day
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Somaemuldo (the suffix “do” means island) is one of the most beautiful jewels in Hallyeo National Marine Park. This islet southeast of Tongyeong Port is home to fifty full time residents. Three islets Daemaemuldo, Somaemuldo and Light House Island (Geulssingiseom) belonging to Maejukri, Hansan-myeon are together called “Maemuldo.” The stark beauty of the cliffs rising from the sea between Somaemuldo and Lighthouse Island are examples of Tongyeong’s most beautiful artwork. The masculine beauty of Somaemuldo is frequently compared to the feminine spirit of Haegeumgang on Geojedo.


An endless array of rock formations on the western part of the island and southern coast offer visitors an unobstructed panorama of the South Sea. Wind and waves have shaped the rock formations into patterns that suggest a soaring Dragon, magnificent Buddha, folding Screen, Turtle hanging out its neck, and Candlestick. The beautiful formation called “Geulssingigul” is unforgettable for its rugged beauty.

During low tide on Somaemuldo and Lighthouse Island, visitors can experience the “Miracle of Moses” as the sea parts to allow foot traffic. Somaemuldo is home to natural forests of camellias and the landscape of Lighthouse Island features lush green grass to the beach. Somaemuldo attractions also include Brother Rocks and the huge rock on the west cliff. Legends abound about their formation, which when told by a local, add immeasurably to the area’s mystical beauty. During a typhoon, large rocks move with the currents and cause a thunderous roar and shaking as if the earthquake hit the island.