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Mt. Mireuksan

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Mt. Mireuksan
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Mireukdo Island is to the south of Tongyeong City. The 461-meter high Mt. Mireuksan (meaning Maitreya Buddha) rises in the center of the island. Islanders named the mountain for the Maitreya Buddha, believing the will arrive on the mountain sometime in the future and bring divine grace. The foothills of Mt. Mireuksan are scattered with-time honored Buddhist temples including Yonghwasa, Gwaneumam, Dosoram, and Miraesa.
Mt. Mireuksan is not high but there is a valley that flow down clean water between heavily wooded forest and rock caves in various bizarre-shape stone. It also has temples, pure mineral water, spring azaleas and beautiful autumn foliage having sufficient virtue to be regarded as one of celebrated mountains. Ascent on the mountain, you will see Daemado of Japan on a clear day and the view of Dadohae from Hallyŏ-Haesang is unbearably beautiful.