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Hallyŏ-Haesang National Park

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Hallyŏ-Haesang National Park
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The marine national park is located in a sea area around Namhae Island and Geoja Island in Hallyeosudo that reaches Odongdo Island of Jelloanam-do Yeosu from Hansando of Tongyeong. In terms of jurisdiction, the park ranges on Yeosu City of Jeollanam-do, Geojae-si, Sacheon-si, Hadong-geun, Namhae-geun including South Gyongsang Province Tongyeong city and its total area is 478.62㎢(the land area 128.70㎢, the sea area 349.92㎢). The shoreline of the sea area has extreme indent, has exceptional scenery for it belongs to Dadohae, having abundant marine products with flowing East Korean Warm Current. The remains of Admiral Yi Sun-sin are scatted in every corner since the sea is the waterway that once connected Yeosu and Hansando Island which used to be Tongyeong Naval Force at the time of Japanese invasion. Not only does it offer warm climate but thanks to much precipitation, the place is famous for a habitat of camellia, nutmeg, citron, gardenia tree, choonran, poongran and seogok.