Kiosk Service

Automatic Tourism Guide Service

The Kiosk provides a real-time GIS service and contents of Tongyeong Tourism Portal Service using an automatic tour guide system.

The key services

  • The Kiosk is reorganized to fit to an automatic tour guide system to service tourism information provided from consolidated tourism portal service.
  • Tourism information on nature, culture & art and events/festivals are provided in four languages including Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. Reservation and confirmation could be connected to the consolidated tourism portal sites.
  • Service location: It wold be installed in six locations total at Tongyeong (Jugrim) Tourism Information Office, Local History Museum, Passenger Ferries Terminal, Marina Resort and upper & lower part of Hallyeo Waterway Cable Car station.
Kiosk Service location : Tongyeong (Jugrim) Tourism Information Office, Passenger Ferries Terminal, Local History Museum, Marina Resort, upper & lower part of Hallyeo Waterway Cable Car station