Gyeongnam International Concours

Gyeongnam International Concours


Co-hosted by Tongyeong City and Masan MBC and supervised by Tongyeong International Music Festival , Gyeongnam International Music Concours pays tribute to the musical achievements of one of the world's best composers, Isang Yun, and to exchange cultural events and to find & nurture young talents from around the world. This concours holds every year. The f irst year is for Cello contest (2003, 2006), second is for Violin (2004), and third is for Piano (2005).

Event Period : Oct. 27 ~ Nov. 6 (8 days), Winner's Concert: Nov. 4

Event Location : Tongyeong Citizens' Cultural Hall , Gyeongsangnam-do Cultural Artistic Center


Cello (Cello in ‘03, Violin in '04, Piano in '05)


Gyeongsangnam-do, Tongyeong city, Masan MBC


Tongyeong International Festival