Tongyeong International Music Festival : Tongyeong International Music Festival, celebrating the world-famous composer I-sang Yun who is a native of Tongyeong is held on every March as the starting point of..
Tongyeong Hansan Daecheop : All naval battles except the Hansan Naval Battle was a Guerilla strategy that stage a surprised raid. The Hansan Naval Battle was an all-out-war between the two nations' key fleets..
Tongyeong Art Festival : Tongyeong Art Festival is hosted by Tongyeong Arts and Culture Association and supervised by each branch ( Music, Photo Artists, Performance Arts Association, Play, Literary..
Gyeongnam International Concours : Co-hosted by Tongyeong City and Masan MBC and supervised by Tongyeong International Music Festival , Gyeongnam International Music Concours pays tribute to the musical ..
Saryangdo Ongnyeobong National Climbing Festival
Asia Triathlon competition : Competition that challenges physical strengths of a human
Tongyeong Marathon : Tongyeong Marathon follows a fantastic ocean-side course that highlights the best cultural and historical attractions Tongyeong has to offer. The Korea Athletics Federation ..