Tongyeong City Tour

Tongyeong City Tour with Toyeong Masil

About the city tour

The Tongyeong City tour run by Toyeong is a little unique service. Toyeong Masil is a specialized tour service focused on Tongyeong city, explaining beautiful scenery, history and culture of Tongyeong in depth! In addition, the service covers inner world of the Admiral Yi Soon-sin which shows not only his social position as a forefront commander but general‘s personal attractions as a father, a son and even as a poet!

Details of the course

Hansando Island Suru- a watchtower

The watchtower is located at the historic site of Admiral Yi Sun-sin in Hansando Island. The watchtower is the one that appears in [The song of Hansando Island] which starts "Under the bright full moon, I sit alone in the watchtower ..." which is a short reflective lyric. The watchtower is just like a guard post in the modern period. However, the chinese character '(戍)' has no relation to the chinese character '(守)' nor '(水)', then what kind of meaning does it hold? What's the story of the words?

Changnyangmyo Shrine

The shrine is built on the hill that lookdown Chakryang (The Tongyeong canal of today) which enshrines the memorial tablet of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. The shrine-the first shrine built in Korea for the general-was built to enshrine the general in 1599, the following year the general dyed for the country and it was appointed as the official historical spot No. 236, received award from the King Hyunjong as well as AjaeJamun (ritual worship written by a king) from the great king Chongjo however, the shrine is very shabby. Why is it so, even if the shrine is first of its kind for Admiral Yi Sun-sin...why?

Undersea Tunnel

During the Japanese colonial time in 1932, the small and narrow waterway [Chakrayng] of only 4meter located between Tongyeong City and Mireukdo Island underwent a construction to enlarge it to Tongyeong canal. The Chakrayng Bridge was pull down and instead of constructing a new bridge, the Japanese built the undersea tunnel. The construction could have been easier if the Japanese built a bridge. Then why did they constructed the undersea tunnel here, and as the first in Asia?

Turtle ship at Gangguan Fishing Port

Turtle ship was a fearful counterpart to fight against for Japanese invaders thanks to its extraordinary power that destroys their ships, and it fired cannons and guns all around by raid deep into their territory. How different is a Panok ship, a typical battleship in Joseon period to the famous Turtle ship and how did Admiral Yi Sun-sin took advantage of the difference which eventually led to victory to all battles?

Sebyeonggwan Gust House

Naval Force of the South in Tongjeyeong was the largest military camp that had the similar function to the modern navy open battle commanding post. it protected the front sea of Joseon for 300 years until it was abolished in 1895. Sebyeonggwan Gust House is the biggest wooden building of Joseon period that exists today. Why did the Joseon government built the biggest building of Josen period at this small country side which is about 1000 miles away from its capital, Hanyang?

Local History Museum

The museum is fill with the relics of Tongyeong history excavated only from Tongyeong including fossils of dinosaur eggs, the skull of the New Stone Age from 6 thousand years ago, muskets used during Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, documents and old maps of Tongjeyeong Naval Force and crafts of Tongjeyeong 12 workshops. The museum enshrines the very first portrait of Admiral Yi-Sun-sin which is completely different with the standard portrait of the general. Don't you want to know what he looks like?

The Sanyang tour road driving course

The beach around Tongyeong, that stand high above as the most beautiful Ria Coast in the world creates exquisite beauty thanks to 151 islands that meanders back and forth. Visitors could experience and feel the spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin imprinted in every corner of the beautiful Sanyang Tour Road. There is a castle to protect enemies, a farm cultivated by stationary troops to secure rice for troops, bamboo trees to make the shaft of arrows and the sea-line for battles to Tongyeong from Yeosu, Cholla-do. What had happened here 400 years ago...

Museum of Fisheries Science

One of the pleasant event of the "land of sea" trip would be to seeing the front beach of Tongyeong, the lake-like sea thanks to all size of small islands around the sea. Seeing materials related to fisheries that put the past-current-future together including 'Tonggumingyi', a traditional fishing boat in actual size will remind visitors that Tongyeong is Mecca in the fisheries industry.

Mt. Mireuksan Cable Car

The real beauty of Tongyeong would be the perfection of harmony of curve that meanders back and forth in the seashore, small islands that float like lines of dots and the clean sea. All these could be viewed at one glance at the peak of Mt. Mireuksan. By the way, there are total 47 carriers that goes back and forth of the top of the Mt. Mireuksan but are you aware that each carrier has its own name?

Operation Hours
  • Period : Once a day, departs at 09:30 arrives at 16:30 (No operation on every Monday)
  • Starting Point : Front of the Turtle ship at Gangguan Fishing Port
  • Service Fee : Adult 15,000 won / Children 10,000 won
  • For reservation : Toyong Masil Tel. : 055-645-8588