Hallyeo Waterway Observation Cable Car

Hallyeo Waterway : Observation Cable Car, Service Hours : All year-round  Winter 09:30-17:00, Spring&Autumn 09:30-18:00 / Summer 09:30-19:00, a bird´s-eye-view

This Hallyeo Waterway Observation Cable Car is the longest (1.975m) cable car in Korea installed on Tongyeong Mt. Mireuksan (461m above the sea), one of the 100 celebrated mountains (the Office of Forestry) in Korea. Each Gondola has capacity of 8 people (There' re total 48 Gondolas). Visitors can reach the top of Mt. Mireuksan in this Gondola and there waits jewellery-like islands of Hallyeo Waterway, Tongyeong Harbor, often dubbed as Nopoli of Asia, old temples including Yonghwasa and Miraesa and the site of Hansan Daecheop where the spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin's love for the country is harbored.

The observation cable car of Hallyeo Waterway boasts its world recognized safety thanks to installation of a technical tie-up with Garaventa Lift Manufacturer of Swiss, the company well-known for its international technology in the observation cable car industry. It drastically reduced the middle supporter to enhance the comfortable riding experiencer for passengers and environmental protection. It has a environment-friendly deck installed to the top of Mt. Mireuksan to offer convenient ride to climbers.

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  • Location : 63-25 Donamg-dong, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongnam
  • Representative : Sin Kyung Chul
  • URL : www.ttdc.co.kr
  • The key facilities
    • Lower station building : Ticket booth, On/Off platform, restaurant(s), convenience stores, parking lot
    • Higher station building : On/Off platform, snack bar, an observatory, a walk deck
  • Accommodation for Parking : All parking lot is serviced for free (200 buses/passenger vehicles capacity)
  • For inquiry : Tongyeong Tourism Development Corporation 055) 649-3804-5