The initial stage of Tongyeong

Symbol Mark


  • The white background represents autonomy, peace, cooperation, unity and pure integrity of the residents.
  • The red symbolizes blazing sun and red camellia flower.
  • The blue represents pure sea and a district of culture and arts.
  • It represents our district is a future-oriented city encompass with infinite ability.


A shape of flying up seagull.
Symbolizes the intelligent as well as cooperative people of Tongyeong City.
Represents the patriotic spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin in the Taeguek pattern.
As a historical district, it represents the city as culture and arts.
Represents the clean and curling sea water.
Represents an expansive fisheries city.
Represents the people with diligent and harmonious characteristics.

City Flower

City Flower : Camellia Flower

Camellia Flower

The flower is beautiful through out the four seasons and em enough to blossom even in cold winter which perfectly represents the spirit and latent energy of the Tongyeong people including the spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

City Tree

City Tree : Camella


The tree is found in the south coast islands. It has strong leaves through out the four seasons and strong enough to blossom even in cold winter, demonstrating passions and heartstrings of Tongyeong.

City Bird

City Bird : Seagull


Seagull inhabits in our districts and marine districts. The bird informs movements of fishes and has been a good omen of districts from the past.