Three Hans Period (三韓時代)

Gojamidong (currently Goseong), one of the twelve countries of Byeonjin

Gaya Age

Sogaya (currently Goseong), one of the Six Gayas

Three Kingdom Period and United Shilla

Gojagok of Posang Eight Countries and then Goja-gun (currently Goseong)

United Shilla

(King Gyeongdeok) Gojagun is renamed as Goseong-gun
(16th year of King Gyeongduk’s Reign): Gangju of the nine provinces of Goseong

Goryeo Dynasty

(14th year of King Seongjong’s reign) Gojujasa (Raised from Goseonggun) of Sannam-do
(9th year of King Hyeonjong’s reign) Geoje-hyeon
(King Chungryeol) Geoje-hyeon was merged into Namhae-hyeon and then returned

Joseon Dynasty

(37th year of King Seonjo’s reign) The Marine Force Controlling Three Provinces was installed in Duryongpo, Geoje-hyeon
(10th year of Lord Gwanghaegun’s 10) Duryongpo was merged into Goseong-hyeon and then Geoje-hyeon was changed into Chunwon-myeon
(6th year of King Gojong’s Reign) Goseongbuchi was moved into inside the Tongyeongseong because of the dispute on the Census Registration of Chunwon-myeon.
(9th year of King Gojong’s reign) Chunwon-myeon, Goseong-gun
(32nd of King Gojong’s reign) Tonjeyoung was closed
(First year of Geonyang era) Goseong Regional Force was installed (closed in 1907)
(4th year of Gwangmu era) Jinnam-gun was installed
(Jinnam-gun covered the whole Tongjeyoung, Doseon-myeon, Gwangi-myeon, and Gwangsam- myeon of Goseong-gun, Gajwa-do of Geoje-gun, Hansando of Geoje-gun).
(3rd year of Yunghi era) Jinnam-gun was renamed as Yongnam-gun.

Japanese Imperialism

Yongnam-gun and Geoje-gun were integrated into Tongyeong-gun. Chunwon-myeon was renamed as Tongyeong-myeon
Tongyeong-myeon was raised to Tongyeong-eup status
Tongyeong-eup was enlarged
(Tongyeong-eup included Tongyeong-myeon, and Misuri, Bongpyeong-ri, Dangdong-ri, and Inpyeong-ri of Sanyang-myeon).

After Independence

Geoje-gun was separated from Tongyeong-gun.
Tongyeong-gun had 1 Eup(Tongyeong-eup) and six myeons
(Yongnam, Gwangdo, Sangyang, Hansan and Wonryang)
June 29, 1955
Wonryang-myeon was divided into Yokji-myeon and Saryang-myeon
Sept. 1, 1955
Tongyeong-eup was separated from Tongyeong-gun since its status was raised to Chungmu City
Chungmu City: 20 dongs
(Dochoen, Seoho, Myeongjeong, Hangnam, Jungang, Munhwa, Taepyeong, Dongho, Jeongryang, Buksin, Pyeongrim1.2, Inpyeong1.2, Dang, Misu1.2, Bongpyeong, Donam1.2)
Tongyeong-gun: 7 myeons
(Yongnam, Gwangdo, Dosan, Sanyang, Hansan, Yokji, Saryang)
Anjeong Chuljangso was installed in Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong-gun.
Mujeon-ri, Yongnam-myeon of Tongyeong-gun was incorporated into Chungmu City (Haengjeong-dong-Buksin-dong)
July 1, 1973
Galdo of Namhae-gun was incorporated into Tongyeong-gun.
Mujeon-dong of Chungmu City was separated from Buksin-dong into Haengjeong-dong. Inpyeong 1-dong and Inpyeong 2-dong were integrated (20 dongs)
Jan. 1, 1995
Chungmu City and Tongyeong-gun are integrated into Tongyeong City (7 myeons, 20 dongs and 1 Chuljangso)
Mar. 2, 1995
Sanyang-myeon’s status was raised to Sangyang-eup
May 1, 1995
Munhwa-dong, Jungang-dong were integrated into Munhwadong and Pyeongrim 1-dong and 2-dong were integrated into Pyeongrim-dong. Donam 1-dong and 2-dong were integrated into Donam-dong (1 Eup, 6 Myeons, 17 Dongs and 1 Chuljangso)
Jan. 1, 1998
Myeongjeong-dong, Seoho-dong and ex Pyeongrim-2-dong were integrated into Myeongjeong-dong. Hangnam-dong, Munhwa-dong, Taepyeong-dong were integrated into Jungang-dong. Inpyeongdong, Ex-Pyeongrim-1-dong were integrated into Inpyeong-dong. Docheon-dong and Dang-dong were integrated into Docheon-dong (1 Eup, 6 Myeons, 11 Dongs and 1 Chuljangso).
Aug. 16, 1999
Anjeong Chuljangso was closed and Gwangdo-myeon was integrated into Tongyeong city (1 Eup, 6 Myeons, and 11 Dongs)
Dec. 31, 2010
Docheon-dong and Inpyeong-dong were integrated into Docheon-dong, Misu Il - dong and Misu Yi - dong were integrated into Misu-dong, and Bongpyeong-dong and Donam-dong were integrated into Bongpyeong-dong (1 Eup, 6 Myeons, and 8 Dongs)